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Now's A Great Time For Boaters To Do Some Good

From coast to coast, much of America has a burning fever - literally and figuratively.

In this highly charged election year, many are eager to see what if anything  the white, wealthy and privileged will do. 


Now that Vanity Fair has identified boaters as Trump's secret weapon, the conduct of boat and yacht owners is likely to be increasingly scrutinized.

And that's probably a good thing in and of itself - to shed some light on all the good they do - and will do in the future. 

As Boaters For A Brighter Future explains - "Boat Folk" can suffer from a perception problem in some political circles.

"Thus to achieve certain political ends, it's easy to portray "Boat Folks" in one of several unflattering ways - which ever may be the most politically fruitful:

1) As wealthy, older, white men who made their money by taking advantage of others and continue to do so by not paying their fair share of taxes and committing tax fraud with their tax loopholes that enable them to fund their yachting lifestyle at the expense of honest hard working Americans so they can use their yachts to sexually exploit young women and continue to pollute the planet and poison primarily poor people of color simply for their pleasure and profit.

IMG_4563 (1280x853)_edited.jpg

2) As traditional American "families" with the dreaded, dangerous, and deplorable "traditional family values.


3) As Environmental Racists.  Do Black Lives Matter to boaters?  Poor people of color suffer disproportionately adverse health consequences and mortality from pollution, increasingly caused by the excessive greed and consumption by the wealthy.  The unnecessary burning of fossil fuels simply for recreational boating - is just another example of systematic racism and white privilege.​"

However with chants of We Can't Breath, and Stop Killing Us and the vision of George Floyd being killed by a white cop needlessly keeping his knee on his neck forever seared into the national conscience- the national conversation is rapidly changing.  Some may claim a figurative knee on the neck can be just as deadly & destructive - maybe more so.

Now's a good time for boaters to help themselves by helping others.

Dec 4, 2019 - Sadly, the numbers do not look as promising as they should, according to the state Department of Juvenile Justice. From 2013 to 2014, the number of African American children arrested in Florida was 38,866, and by 2017-18, that number was down to 30,297. While this is good, it is not as significant as it should be.

Secure Detention‎: ‎58.4%    Arrests‎: ‎50.9%   Transfer to Adult Court‎: ‎66%  Residential Commitment‎: ‎60.6%

Mar 9, 2020 - “Black kids are overrepresented in the juvenile justice system,” Marterricus ... to data provided by the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice.

Oct 10, 2017 - Elord Revolte, 17, was beaten to death by a mob of teenage detainees at the Miami-Dade juvenile lockup. Cameras recorded the attack.

The One Heart Project, a proven program enabling at risk juveniles to minimize future contacts with the justice system, is expanding nationally.  With your help, Boaters For One Heart  will  bring it to Florida.

Our Goal: $1,000,000 For The Florida One Heart Project

Then on to other states. Even if it's just one dollar at a time. One Dollar, for One day, so One Heart can change One Life.  

$365 per year is not much given what boaters spend on other things over the course of the year.  And for many yacht owners with expensive tastes and the resources to match, they spill more whiskey than that each year.

Join With Us

Get On Board

Start Living The Truly Good Life

oneheart letter.jpg

If you want to provide juvenile offenders - many of whom are minorities - a second chance and provide the resources to turn their lives around and potentially save teens – primarily black and brown – from adverse contacts with the criminal justice system and give them a second chance at life - then the Heart Of A Champion Foundation's One Heart Project could be right for you.

The One Heart Project is a proven solution. Active in 8 states, and expanding as rapidly as resources allow, it's already transformed countless lives of justice involved youth.

Your generous tax deductible donation can truly be a game changer and life saver for many. And you will be in good company.


Just to name a few:


YES Yacht Executive Solutions a leading advisor to yacht owners and creator of Net Worth Neutral Yacht Ownership is available to help all boat owners achieve the maximum benefits and rewards of benevolent boating.

OneHeart People
Bill United We Stand.png

The world renown artist William DeBilzan whose works adorn some of the most exclusive and prestigious businesses, homes, public and collections will soon be creating a piece for One Heart to auction.  Please visit DeBilzan Galleries.


The paintings in his United We Stand series send an urgently needed message: we must unite as one to triumph over the threats facing our country and livelihoods.

The United We Stand series inspires us to unite together to overcome the obstacles obstructing our path forward.  The paintings are a rallying cry for a return to the most fundamental of American beliefs: by working together as one we will triumph over any threat to our life, liberty, or pursuit of happiness.  United we stand.

Boaters For One Heart - A Good Time Doing Good 

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